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Barbe Cube is an innovative heat-resistant oven, utilizing an industry cooperation heat-resistant coating to create a more convenient and enjoyable BBQ experience.

Dimension / 280*280*220 mm
Designer / Jia-Sheng Chen, Wing-Ki Leung, Ching-Chun Wang
Year / 2016

07工作區域 3-100.jpg

Customized Trend

Thinking about how to use the innovative carbon materials provided by the “National Chung-Shan Institute of Science & Technology”. We come up with the concept of barbecue, thinking about the changes in the food culture and the inconvenience of traditional barbecue. Thus, we decide to improve the design of barbecue utensils. Make the barbecue more convenient and safer.

Heat-Resistant Paint

Using Nano-strengthening and chemical modification to improve the heat resistance, oxidation resistance and mechanical properties of the polymer. In addition, Nano-strengthening enhances the thermal stability of the material and increases the heat-resistant temperature of the object.

Easy to replace charcoal fire

Easy to carry

Place on the desktop

07工作區域 4-100.jpg

Keep the heat

Heat-Resistant Paint

07工作區域 4 複本-100.jpg
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