City Wander is an innovative sharing transportation system that provides scooter rental services to tackle contemporary traffic issues and promote sustainability. Its form integrates aesthetics and functionality to create a unique experience.

Dimension / 900*300*200 mm
Designer / Jia-Sheng Chen, Wing-Ki Leung, Tzu-Chin Weng, Ching-Chun Wang
Year / 2017

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User Personas 


The current city touring vehicles, such as bicycles, motorcycles, and electric motorcars, have encountered the problems of the large volume, difficult for carrying and manipulating. 

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There are too many touring vehicles, which excessively occupy the urban space. It destroys the looks of the city and causes the problem of stealing.


A scooter combines with the public rental system. Using the advantages of small volume, easy to learn, and energy-saving as the main concept.

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Initial Ideas

Compact size

Easy to learn

Easy to carry

Sharing system

Energy saving

Public transportation

Short distance

Environmental friendly



Promote health

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Usage Diagram

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Station UI

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