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Color recognition is an essential part of children's learning process. Color Mixing Wheel is a child learning toy design based on color recognition applications and designed for preschool children.

Dimension / 300*200*200 mm
Designer / Jia-Sheng Chen
Year / 2017

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Color Mixing

Modern parents have high expectations for their children. Under their monitor, any actions and behaviors of their children will be protected. Although, they suppress the children's ability to discover their talents, explore themselves, and lose their autonomy.

Color plays an important role in educational programs, such as mathematics. color is used to classify, rank, compare, and organize. In addition, children also use color as a tool for language to describe items and improve their communication skills.

The color mixing phenomenon of human visual persistence allows a variety of colors to make various changes while during rapid rotation. Different color combinations can create different color mixing effects. 



Color Cognition

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