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E-CO Bank is a recycling compost system that started from enormous food waste in modern society. It combines IoT technology, sharing value, field service, and food waste recycling to create a sustainable systematic design solution.

Dimension / 1300*450*450 mm
Designer / Jia-Sheng Chen, Shi-kun Liu,  Zhi-fan Lin
Year / 2017


Kitchen Waste


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According to the statistics of “the Environmental Protection Agency,” up to 36-64% of the total household waste comes from kitchen waste in Taiwan. At least 2.2 million tons of food waste is produced each year. If these wastes are converted into barrels, 4 billion lunches can be made.

The cooking waste generated by ordinary households which are usually based on raw kitchen waste. However, the recycling amount is very low. Furthermore, the main recycling of kitchen waste in counties and cities is based on the waste for feeding pigs. Only a few counties and cities will recycle raw kitchen waste.

Because of the large amount of food waste, recycling is not easy and not well-planning, causing the problems such as a dirty environment and waste of natural resources.

As the direction of kitchen waste recycling, convenient handling, and non-wave resources, we combined smart life technology and the Internet of Things. Achieving a green cycle of integrating kitchen waste treatment.

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Liquid fertilizer provides residents with planting application and feedback to nature; Solid fertilizer will be processed into organic compost by the fieldworkers and the company. Finally, it will be sold to farmers.

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Business Model

Having a complete business model is an essential part of E-CO Bank. Through each part of the cycle, you can maximize the benefits of recycling kitchen waste and achieve the goal of giving back to society and nature.

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