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Flood warning drone is an alarming flood system combined with an alarming station. It aims to warn the downstream people to escape the flood from upstream in the shortest time.

Dimension / 330*310*80 mm
Designer / Jia-Sheng Chen, Hao-Che Huang
Year / 2018

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The main cause of death and injury when people play in the river section is the instantaneous river water changes and human neglect.

The weather in the upper reaches of the mountainous area is unpredictable and reservoirs discharge water, which cause floods. These are the causes of casualties by drowning in the flood in the world. When the flood occurred, the river water level surged for a short time. It was difficult for tourists to immediately notice it.  However, when the flood occurred, the rescue was impossible.

We think this is an entry point for drones. The mobility of the drone can alert the people who are not paying attention to the environment. It is a more effective way.


people who are not alert
Provide upstream flood warning

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