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FLOW - Side Table is a furniture design inspired by nature, river, brook stone, and my childhood memory - clear water slowly runs through little streams, gently stroked by colorful brook stones laying down the river. These images impress in my mind. Bring up the picture of nature - How to create a sense of dynamic embodiment, representing the running water and the bright colors of river rock. 

Dimension / 28"*12"*26"
Designer / Jia-Sheng Chen
Year / 2021


River Management is defined as the management of water resources of a basin as part of the natural ecosystem and in relation to their socio-economic setting. In the place I grew up, the local government used to utilize concrete to seal up sections of the river in order to prevent river course change. However, covering the original river bed is not a long-term solution, which only destroys the natural habitat for wild lives and eliminates the beauty of rivers.


FLOW is a concept, inspired by the idea of interweaving nature into daily objects. In Nature, nothing is symmetric. The unpredictable forms highlight the greatness of nature's creation.


The Symbol of Hope

Like a star at home, bring a bright and holy image to make people feel calm and peaceful.

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