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Frozen Forest / Consumer Research for Healthy Ice Cream
Frozen Forest is a consumer research project through starting an innovative business to analyze and predict consumer behavior. By creating two versions of ice cream products and launching them via social media to identify specific groups of consumers and observe how consumers define health when purchasing ice cream.

Designer / Jia-Sheng Che, Hao-Zhe Huang, Bo-han Chang , Chi-Hong Yang

Year / 2018

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Ice Cream

According to our data collection, ice products have become best-selling products in all seasons in Taiwan. With regard to market statistics, Taiwan's ice market was worth more than NT$40 billion. Supermarkets will make various marketing strategies every year to attract consumers.


Utilizing healthy ice products as a starting point. We explored what kind of ice cream is an ideal choice for consumers and produced healthy ice products that meet the demands of consumers. The research objectives are :

1. Explore the type of healthy ice products that consumers like.
2. Promote and validate products through ice cream marketing methods.

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This study uses A/B TEST to analyze the results. The test item is to identify which type is recognized by consumers as a natural color. The study is conducted in Taiwan and the age range is 18- 30-year-old males and females, interested in health, desserts, and fruits ice creams. The test time is from 10:00 a.m. on June 26, 2018, to 10:00 a.m. on June 29, 2018. Advertisement A and the advertisement each invest NTD 300, and the total budget is NTD 600. The variables are as follows:


(1) The ice product is not mixed with any substances, and the color is natural with the color of the fruit itself.

(2) Deliberately blending the natural color identified by consumers and mixing it for natural color.

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