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Life Detect Drone is a drone concept that is equipped with small life detectors, allowing rescuers to find buried victims in the shortest time.

Dimension / 350*350*200mm
Designer / Jia-Sheng Chen, Wing-Ki Leung
Year / 2017

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Life Detector

Life Detect Drone can use small life detectors to detect signs of life under the burial, providing rescue personnel warnings. Reducing labor costs and increase rescue efficiency.

Natural Disasters

In recent years, natural disasters have been frequent. Such as earthquakes, landslides and windstorms have caused refugees to suffer from the collapse of houses and the embedding of earth and stone. The relief work of victims buried under objects, requiring a lot of labor to be put into rescue work. Furthermore, Rescue work is relatively difficult during the prime time of rescue.

* No much labor power needed
* No any physical limitations
* No any landscape restrictions
* More effective, accurate rescue

Rescue Drone Advantages

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Small Life Detector

Life detect drone throws small life detector In grid shape, which can detect their life signs and transmit signals to inform the rescuers of victims' location.

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